Free comic book day!!

This weekend we celebrated Free Comic Book Day again. Actually I missed it, but Rook took Moomin to Lee’s Comics to pick up a handful of free comics.

It’s a great “secular holiday”. Moomin gets very excited about it!

Of course, we end up spending more money in the comic book store, but it’s worth it.

It’s always great going through the 10 cent and 25 cent comic book bins!

But my downfall is the big thick compilation books of old superhero comics.

And relatively new stuff, like Digger, but that should realy get a separate review. It’s a great comic for adults and for the YA crowd which could go down to about 9 or 10, Moomin’s age… with some ethics, religion, and scary violence issues, and a complicated story, so might not be ideal for earlier readers. I love it so much! It’s about a nerdy, tough, geology-loving wombat who gets lost underground and comes up in a country far from her home.

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