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Yesterday Moomin and I went over to his friend Hamster’s house for a playdate. They scooted off into the wild blue yonder of giant K’nex and “laser blaster shooters” while Hamster’s mom SuperT and I hung out with our computers!

We were *so* sanfransocial it was disgusting! We were both checking our email and talking on cell phones WHILE having a conversation and simultaneously blogging.

I helped SuperT “pimp her ride”, just putting her blog… Evolving Roadtrip Carnival, on Technorati and signing her up for statcounter and things like that. We added some links to the sidebar template.

She was all like, “Did I just … WRITE CODE?” Well, html… yes… yes you did! “WHOAAAAAA!!!” Her husband is totally fabulous but is clearly the sort of ubergeek who leans in to grab your mouse and do it for you…. and then you don’t know what the hell just happened. So duh she doesn’t know how to make a link and probably does not know how to turn the tv on either because I swear to god their house has the toaster connected to the washing machine, which synchronizes its swishes with the slide show of photos on the TV, which you can also be playing classic video games on at the same time, with a vibrator attuned to your very thought waves. Also, sharks with lasers. He’s that sort of geek!

We had a blast, and walked down to the playground in their little downtown, and went to the Apple store. I got super hard-assed about traffic safety because Moomin has this weird Opposite Day reaction when we hit traffic. From a very calm, sedate, wistful sort of kid … to complete spaz attack. Jumping, yanking and pulling on my hand (which I hate anyway) and sort of kicking and lolling his head around and yelling. ARRRRRRGH.

Other than that I don’t know what the kids were doing on this playdate, but the moms were having fun!

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