That green stuff scrolling on a black window

Good questions that Moomin’s awesome friend just asked me:

Do you feel better yet? Are you only a little bit sick? Are you working in your bed? Are you programming in javascript? What programming languages do you use? What’s that? Does this one use PUT statements? Is it like HTML? Are you going to do one of those things where green stuff scrolls across a black terminal window?

Answers: Kind of. Yes. Yes. Yes and no. Php, python, javascript, perl. Unix. No not really. No. Yes, yes actually I am, would you like to watch?


Then I kicked him out and shut my office door!

I swear, this kid has to learn how to use Scratch! I like all his questions very much! I think he’s totally ready to learn some procedural thinking!

What I really need here is a sound file that has Majel Barrett going, “PASSWORD CORRECT. HACKING INTO PENTAGON.” That would impress him.

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