Huh, weird, is that me?

A dorky video of me rambling in response to Daniel McVlog and his mcvloglificationishness. I had no idea who this dude was, but someone yanked me over there to “be interviewed”. So hey, sure, why not.

Later I absorbed that he is a soap opera star from some soap opera and now he’s on a sort of videoblogging journey, roaming around interviewing people at random. I like the idea and now that I look at his blog it seems very sweet: “to indulge my curiosity.” I can get behind that. He didn’t give me any prep, or warning, or introduction, like one of those canny Eliza-style psychologists, or rabbis, who always answer a question with another question.

So, I ramble fairly entertainingly, and am sort of hyper and fidgety. How weird to see myself doing that! Am I kind of like that all the time? Or was it special for the overstimulatingness of BlogHer, plus being unnerved by the camera (which actually I wasn’t… though I was mildly suspicious of Daniel.)

I always want to interview people working in service jobs, or minor civil officials… people always tell me interesting stories on the bus or in line at the post office. Imagine how much fun it would be! I especially like to hear the hopes and dreams of the owners of small businesses, and moms with babies, people who have had strange epiphanies, and the political opinions of intelligent twelve year olds. I could make the strangest rambliest baroque documentaries. McVicar is setting out to interview people and cover events of… just whatever he finds interesting or where he happens to be.

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