Huh, weird, is that me?

A dorky video of me rambling in response to Daniel McVlog and his mcvloglificationishness. I had no idea who this dude was, but someone yanked me over there to “be interviewed”. So hey, sure, why not.

Later I absorbed that he is a soap opera star from some soap opera and now he’s on a sort of videoblogging journey, roaming around interviewing people at random. I like the idea and now that I look at his blog it seems very sweet: “to indulge my curiosity.” I can get behind that. He didn’t give me any prep, or warning, or introduction, like one of those canny Eliza-style psychologists, or rabbis, who always answer a question with another question.

So, I ramble fairly entertainingly, and am sort of hyper and fidgety. How weird to see myself doing that! Am I kind of like that all the time? Or was it special for the overstimulatingness of BlogHer, plus being unnerved by the camera (which actually I wasn’t… though I was mildly suspicious of Daniel.)

I always want to interview people working in service jobs, or minor civil officials… people always tell me interesting stories on the bus or in line at the post office. Imagine how much fun it would be! I especially like to hear the hopes and dreams of the owners of small businesses, and moms with babies, people who have had strange epiphanies, and the political opinions of intelligent twelve year olds. I could make the strangest rambliest baroque documentaries. McVicar is setting out to interview people and cover events of… just whatever he finds interesting or where he happens to be.

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6 Responses to Huh, weird, is that me?

  1. SJ says:

    That was awesome! I think that shows what a prolific creative GEENIUS you are. I think I know exactly when this was, and I could not have represented like this.

  2. badgermama says:

    SNORT…. I had another really fabulous idea today suddenly in the car. There needs to be a TV show or a videoblog called "Political Makeover" that's just like the other makeover shows except with your politics. Maybe a family member, or all your co-workers, or maybe you yourself, request a political makeover. So the PC Police on the show would then help you change your life a little in some lasting way to get your life more in line with what you believe and how you want to live. Consume less, be more ethical if you employ people, do volunteer work, or learn some skill, or you know, if you get some vegan activist who wears leather, do a radical intervention and make them tour a slaughterhouse. Whatever. The point being to find people who feel like they're not living by their ideals and would like to move more in that direction. Get some activists, and critique some aspect of their lives… and then help them improve it. It could be funny but also possibly effective as persuasion!

  3. Iris says:

    I know it isn't the same but there was a tv programme here recently which made people 'life swap' for a week or so with others who had their exact opposite beliefs. Political, religious, ethical etc.

  4. danielmcvicar says:

    Hi LizI was impressed when I met you, and enjoyed talking with you. You appear better than you think, and your creativity is complex for sound bites.All the best to you…Daniel

  5. Sue Richards says:

    Hey multiblogular liz,Poly-blog Sue here. Solid interview. Do more.

  6. Kari says:

    I think the angle on you vs. Daniel was quite interesting. It was up his nose, which made him look pretty dorky or with a God-complex. He looked pretty boring. (Sorry Daniel; I see you've commented here!)You, on the other hand, seemed pretty natural. Sure, I saw a tiny bit of fidgetiness, but the vocab and flow was excellent. ("Many fabulous ideas!")The calm background music was a hoot.