I am Waverider, and time is mine

A well-meant present from my aunt, for Moomin, arrived randomly in the mail today… a little pack of cards with “36 bedtime wishes”. They are beige cardboard with twee illustrations of victorian children in smocks and petticoats with rosy lips hugging lambs around the neck, and “bedtime wishes” such as this one:

I see the moon,
and the moon sees me.
God bless the moon,
and god bless me.

We are also treated to:

So little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Make our earth an Eden,
Like the heaven above.

Moomin is reading them right now and laughing oddly. I think his sarcasm gene is finally kicking in. “These are weird,” he proclaimed disdainfully.

His actual bedtime reading is more on the level of this randomly chosen page from the 25-cent comic book bin:

– Support ship? If they have back-up we could be in for BIG trouble!

– Not if I find it first. I’ll scan the skies with my telescopic vision until –

– Bingo! The’ve obviously been monitoring events here, because they’re running HARD and FAST!

– Fortunately I can run HARDER and FASTER.

– Those IDIOTS! INTERGANG smuggled those floating discs iinto prison to make for an EASY escape –
and they still got nabbed breaking out!

– Hold it! We just lost power in engines one and two!

– I’m losing it! Prepare to EJECT!


– Thanks, Superman! We’ll interrogate those guys to see what we can learn about INTERGANG!

TIME. An eternity of LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. The flow is infinite, stretching beyond the beginning and past the end. For me, time’s flow is a path to follow, a vehicle for a voyager. The years, the centuries, the seconds — there is no discernable difference. I AM WAVERIDER. AND TIME IS MINE.

He just caught me typing this up and nabbed the comic book and is reading the bit about TIME out loud. It’s so awesome!

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