I can has explanation?

Moomin is sitting at his computer and laughing hysterically at I Can Has Cheezburger? as he talks to himself about why they’re funny. Sometimes I go and explain the humor as best I can, but I just totally avoided going into the story behind Dumbledore is Gay?!! Not because I won’t talk about being gay with him, but because of spoilers!

Last week I also came across him explaining lolcats to several younger kids. They came to this one, Pole Dancer Kitteh has Second Thoughts and didn’t laugh… instead, four blank stares and an awkward pause; then they skipped forward to the next one and were laughing their heads off again.

I thought of all the inappropriate and over-my-head humor that I loved so much when I was a kid. I could sing most Tom Lehrer songs by the time I was 5, and knew where to laugh. It took me the next 20 years to understand the humor!

Maybe the sex-and-drugs lolcats will be like that for Moomin. I feel like a lot of his cultural education is happening mediated by the net, though more is from comic books and books.

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