in the castle

I just spent at least 5 hours on the floor sorting through bins and bins of CRAP. Quite a lot has been thrown away or put into bags for donation.

Under the bed:

– shoe box treasure chest with pennies
– bin with costumes, fabric
– wooden shield
– stepstool
– extra clothes in bin
– millenium falcon

In the bin holder:
– weapons
– extra legos
– blocks
– foam blocks
– scientific instruments, sunglasses
– dinosaurs
– robots, godzillas, transformers
– k’nex
– animals

Two laundry hampers with stuffed animals

Itty bitty shelves with more animals displayed


More shelves:
– bin of trains with track
– bin of hats, best costumes, jewelry
– bin of cars
– board games
– puzzles
– misc.
– dvds
– bin of legos
– bin of rope, yarn, and pipe cleaners
– plastic box of kid k’nex and bristle blocks
– dragons and godzillas and large dinos

That is all…

Oh and one tiny shoebox of miscellaneous crap that I’m not sure of, mostly the Bane of My Existence: tiny Playmobil playset bits.

Moomin requested a bin with a lid for the “naughty animals”: a crab, two stingrays, and a stuffed Hawkgirl.

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