In which I am middle aged

Apparently the generation below mine (GenX) is being called “Millennials” and its defining characteristics are:

– texting all the time
– multitasking
– watching tv while on computer with friends
– owning a lot of dead iPods

Unfortunately I’m well on my way to #4 as my pink ipod mini died in November and the apple store people quirked eyebrows at me and said its battery was not replaceable and one must just buy another.

So I wonder if the iphone will be similar? I didn’t expect my 300 dollar fancy ipod to die an ignoble battery-death and become junk in just 2 years. I guess that makes me not a Millennial – the difference is they have dead ipods and accept it as normal.

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12 Responses to In which I am middle aged

  1. Becca says:

    Can't we be "premillenials" or something instead? I spotted you at Macworld the other day–you were in Microsoft's blogger corral, and conversing with someone else, so I didn't want to interrrupt.

  2. badgermama says:

    Oh! Interrupt, interrupt! I'll be there this afternoon too. I'd be so happy to meet you!

  3. Liz says:

    The blogger lounge at Macworld was the only place where I really got into conversations with strangers. It is not a conference that's very conducive, otherwise.

  4. Skye says:

    I'm pretty sure you can get IPods repaired – ?

  5. Rick Keir says:

    I realize this is way late (I wandered over here from your Flickr stream), but maybe someone will come across this in Google and benefit. It is not hard to replace the battery on an iPod. I bought a replacement for mine at an independent Mac shop near (next door to?) The Other Change of Hobbit in Berkeley, and did it myself. It's not very hard: the trickiest part is opening the iPod case, and even that is not that hard.Replacements are available online, too. Bunch of reviews are up at

  6. Andrew says:

    I know the iPhone can be fixed as i got mine done at Cell Clinic. I am sure they do iPods as well –

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