Marine Science Camp, day 1

At Marine Science Camp today, Moomin dissected a squid and thought about working as a non-fiction writer. He imagined a cartoon of the differences between Squidward and a real squid, so I might try to draw some modifications of Squidward to his specifications.
First, have a picture of a squid.
Moomin says:

Basically, this is what Squidward should really look like, for real. First of all, his arms/tentacles would be longer. Then, he would have 8 more arms, except shorter than the tentacles. Also they would all be on top of his head. He would have absolutely no real legs. His eyes would be on the side of his head, his mouth would also be on the top of his head with his arms, also, it would be a beak, not a mouth. He would be about 5 inches long. And to top it off, he would have fins on his butt.

I know about this because I’ve seen a real squid. A dead one, but, a real squid. It did not at all look like the cartoons said it would look like. It certainly was not very similar to a person, as you can see!


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