mayhem in the badgerhouse

Moomin and Hamster have been shooting imaginary things for a couple of hours. Just now I was weeding, contemplating the destructive, preserving, and creative forces of Life in the form of some henbit along my rock border… and overheard this:

*in robot voice* “Transforming – into – twoheaded – Tyrannosaurus Rex – transforming – “

“pshew! pshewwwwww!”

“Hey look another tyrannosaurus rex! over there! In the tree! Get ready!”

“No wait! Don’t shoot it! I can comMUNicate with it ! In Tyrannosaurus language!”

“Wow yeah!”

“*mumble mumble mumble*”

“It says it wants to be our helper!”

“Good, we can be its friend!”

“Let’s have a little rest in the hammock.”

“Good! We’ll be rest-raptors.”

“Rest-raptors! We’re diurnal. That means, the opposite of nocturnal. ”

“Yeah, pretend we’re both raptors sleeping in a cocoon.”

Oooookay! You know, it was almost better when they were shooting everyone.

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