minor annoyances of life

horrible grammar
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One is this sign, on a bathroom at Moomin’s school. I walk by it every day and the incorrectly placed apostrophe bothers me! It’s a bad example. And the teachers don’t seem to understand why it’s wrong. There should not be an apostrophe. If you were writing the words “the girls’ room” then the apostrophe would be after the s. But there shouldn’t be one at all, if the word is on its own. Oh my god, but it bugs me!

Tomorrow I swear I’ll take a blue sharpie marker with me so that I can furtively color in the offensive punctuation mark.

I’m cranky.

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3 Responses to minor annoyances of life

  1. wired says:

    I am with you in blue sharpie solidarity!There are signs all over Eatonville that say "Roy's Honey Sold Hear", and everytime I see one, I am incited to violence and ranting about rednecks.

  2. ...e... says:

    i remember a sign on something 40 years ago in Daly City. "Yes we! are open."some things never change.

  3. telfair says:

    That would grate on my nerves, too.The strange conical head of the crude, stick-figure female representation doesn't do much for me, either, but I suppose those signs aren't really "high art," are they…Although proper punctuation doesn't seem to be too much to ask for.