woolfcamplet, early thoughts

Up the road to Squid’s house in the woods. Rivers pour across the road, leading me to think of the imperfections of civilization. Wouldn’t you think this road would have proper drainage by now, and culverts underneath? But on the other hand it’s a happy reminder that we can’t control everything. Flowers everywhere in ridiculous splendor, fruit trees flaunting it…

Squid has beautiful cheese laid out for us!

She recommends (and brings out) a book called International Spy Museum Handbook of Practical Spying. It’s lovely! “The mind is the only weapon that a spy is guaranteed to discharge on a daily basis.” Learn how to think like a spy.

I bought four aprons at an estate sale, all handmade… an old lady died… I admired her china, her glass dishes, her wooden furniture, her doilies, and her books on alternative medicine. Snagged 4-in-one Fu Manchu novels, books about silent and horror film stars, and an iridescent necklace. Falsely chipper relatives of the dead woman hover in every room.

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