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Boat parade on Redwood Creek

A little motorboat covered in christmas lights with a tree at the prow was idling in the middle of our end of the harbor yesterday afteroon. We asked them what was up and they told us about a lighted boat … finish reading Boat parade on Redwood Creek

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Houseboat Christmas

Draping some mardi gras beads over a ficus tree . . . that was our Christmas decor last year. This year I’m determined not to be such a grinchy slacker. The floggings will continue until the boat is decorated! I … finish reading Houseboat Christmas

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Advice from a grinch: throw it away!

Minnie and I are going to give each other the holiday gift of throwing each other’s crap away. We now have a pact to come over to each others’ houses and help the other to get rid of a godawful … finish reading Advice from a grinch: throw it away!

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