What not to wear: No to Knives!

Things you can get away with wearing if you are not a parent, but might want to use your judgement about, if you are around kids who can read:

Stabby McKnife

This got me thinking. I mean, about 2 percent of my brain thinks “Oh, hahaha, this is a great shirt, I’d totally wear it.” Then I think it over for more than a second and decide against it.

What’s the most inappropriate tshirt you can think of for a PTA mom of a 3rd-grader?

Please help me satisfy my inner Bad Mom with suggestions. I don’t need to wear them or even buy them. I just need to have them to think about.

I’m still tempted by this one , which I’ve wanted for years. That, or its companion, would be a good one to wear to those mom’s club general meetings.

No, wait, my all time worst tshirt to wear to a PTA meeting is.. drum roll…

MILF Hunter

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