Waking up in a secret hideout

This morning I woke up gradually to whispers and subdued running around. Moomin and his friend Hamster had quietly built an enormous hide-out fort in the living room, and were being quiet so as not to wake us up! Wow!

Usually our mornings are low-key to the extreme. Moomin drags out of bed at 7:30 and sleepwalks through eating his cereal. Then he goes back to bed and reads comic books until his dad challenges him to a getting-dressed race.

I tried to be as non-cranky as possible. “I’ll get you cereal!”… chirpily…

“I’ll have the Chocolate Lucky Charms!” Hamster ordered as if in a classy restaurant. “My Spy-chu evolves into Ratat!” (Switching a tiny stuffed hedgehog with a stuffed rat behind his back.) Both kids standing up in their chairs fidgeting and spazzing and making their animals do whatever fake Pokemons do.

And then Hamster busted out with….”When you were little, did you ever say S-H-I-T in school?”

I cracked up laughing before coffee – a rare event.

Wild laughter from Moomin… “I’ll have the Cocoa Puffs.”

Even though I have a cold and no coffee in the house, I’m feeling cheerful & hugely entertained this morning. And somehow I feel like a good mom again.

Sleepovers rule!

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