What not to do in an orca movie

After a low point of a certain kid being made to write “I will not hit people” and “I will not be mean” several times on some notebook paper while sniffling and muttering about Unfair, Bossy Moms, I figured the cloud of disgrace could not last too long.

So we watched Free Willy. What a tearjerker movie… There was a lot of crying all around, especially when Jesse was angry with the whale and was going to leave him all alone!

Moomin’s observation afterwards: “I have learned an important thing from this movie. Never, NEVER, bang on a killer whale’s tank.”

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6 Responses to What not to do in an orca movie

  1. Super T says:

    Ooh! Our favorite! We've seen it 43 times. Hamster changed his name to Jesse for an entire year.

  2. wired says:

    I watch Free Willy when I was 16, in the back of a dark movie theater, with a boy.My lesson from the movie is "Never date boys who lack a sense of irony."

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