Yesterday’s backyard warriors and queens

action shot of quest
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

– Elemento, superhero wizard with water lasso, power over earth, air, fire, water

– Disastra, a magician with rainbow chain, utility belt, magic spells, and potions

– Oracula, who was born evil and yet can only predict good things; barbarian princess warrior of darkness

– Orphea, Oracula’s twin sister who was born good but only predicts doom; princess of light (Me)

Yes, we walked to Whole Foods dressed like this, for sodas and free cookies!

Spanglemonkey’s kids are wearing my high heels; gritty determination and vanity combined. They fight with swords & magic — in high heels and backwards like Ginger Rogers. Moomin lurked in the hammock doing announcements of our epic battles.

My ballgowns and costume jewelry (saved for years, waiting for just such occasions) were all over the floor — the “magic potion” materials still crapping up the kitchen, with soy sauce spattered all around — and at 8:30 last night I turned mean, nostrils flaring, eyes narrowed, hissing, “Clean it up NOW… or else. I am no longer your Fun Friend. I am a Mean Mom. Pajamas. Toothbrush. Pronto!”

Luckily they bought it, helped clean up, and then I switched to Nice Nurturing Mom to put them all to bed.

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