An extra sweet smile

At Squid‘s house today, Leelo smiled at me a lot. Maybe he likes my silly hair? He also walked up and sat down next to me several times — and once he asked for my bracelets very clearly. I gave him all the bracelets!

I haven’t been around Leelo very much lately because I’ve been working so much and spending time in San Francisco. He seemed so much easier to understand than he used to be. It really hits me hard after I haven’t seen him for a while, to be remembered and liked by him when he has such difficulties communicating and being understood.

His eye contact was great! And his facial expressions like smiling or looking displeased or angry, were very clear! I’m not sure what’s more amazing, all that smiling — social smiling not just “pleased” smiling — or the way I could understand his language so much better than I used to. When he said “I want a bracelet please” I nearly fell over. He also asked me to go inside, if he could have some water, and if I would go with him on the teeter-totter.

It was great watching him and Moomin and India on the trampoline. Moomin was super happy to get to bounce without anyone playing rough. Leelo seems to like peacefulness and relative calm as well, and India just had a great time copying everything Moomin and Leelo did.

Anyway, I just thought I’d say. It feels extra great to me, when he smiles and gives me a gentle pat on the elbow. It’s such a bad-auntie perk that I never have to make him do anything he doesn’t want to do, and don’t have to drill him in speech or school things or using the toilet or get him dressed – I just get the nice bits of playing with him and getting to spoil him a little.

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