Flash drives and acorns

For weeks Moomin has been collecting acorns at recess, squirreling them away in his backpack, and bringing them home as treasure. They show up in the laundry and in the kitchen and in his bed. I’ve been so sick this week that I’ve barely spoken to him, but last night he came up to me and said, “Hey mom. Want to see how many acorns I have? I could count them!” Of course I wanted to see him gloat over his dragon hoard. He brought them out and counted them out one by one. I mildly suggested groups of ten, and he immediately got the point. “Do you think cracked ones should count?” “Hmmm what do you think?” “Probably not so much.” So they were set aside. I was impressed with his grouping and counting and grasp of multiplication. Then it was like a bolt of lightning struck him. “HEY! I have an IDEA! What if this was a ChoreWars Adventure! And each acorn could be an experience point!” I assented.

Next time I will suggest we count the acorns in groups of 9. They are doing the 9 tables in multiplication!

A bit later on, I asked to go through his schoolwork. He brought it all to me, and I went over his spelling and worksheets and signed all the forms that needed signing. (It was nice to participate again in something, again, I’ve been sick, busy, and travelling a lot lately, so Rook has been doing nearly all the parenting.)

Then out of the blue Moomin went, “So, I was thinking, do you have a flash drive?”

Other than the fact that he loves “I can has cheezburger” he is not the most computer literate of kids. Maybe that’s why it surprised me. I had no idea he knew what a flash drive was. “Sure, I think I have one around somewhere, how come?”

“Well, at school, sometimes I have files that I want to save.”

Oh frabjous day!

I gave him some little 128MB drive I had lying around, that was conference schwag. For once, Tech-Conference-Going-Mom is useful!

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