Yay! new chair!

Moomin just came home from school and yelled,

YAAAAY! I was right, this IS a great day! Mom’s new wheelchair is here!

Yay indeed. The thing is 17 pounds and it’s like being a tiny slick ball bearing as I whip around the sidewalks and streets, not to mention in the house.

Moomin especially likes the light-up front caster wheels, which I also super love. The rotation of the casters move some internal bits, making static electricity, which then sparks and powers the tiny LED lights.

Dang that’s cool!

I knew static electricity was good for something other than making my hair stick straight up!

How long till they make it into the rims of bike tires, and maybe into bike pedals? That would be neat. They’re already in scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards!

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