Four wheels just like you

Today after the wild excitement of the toy and bike shop with his Grandma, Moomin rode the bike out of the store, down the ramp, to the back parking lot where I had my car. His bike is green and black with lightning stripes, which is perfect because it’s his favorite color!

Everyone else was still in the store, or out front putting things into Rook’s car. We carefully looked around the parking lot and I got Moomin to make sure to ride right next to me. I noticed with me in the wheelchair and him on the bicycle, we were exactly the same height. Moomin observed to me that the parking lot was very bumpy when you are on wheels, and he’d never noticed before.

As we raced towards the car, he was grinning like a maniac, and said,

Hey! This is awesome! Now I have four wheels, just like you, Mom!”

If he weren’t only 7, and very innocent, it might make a person barf a little… from sentiment.

Instead, I felt so happy. The sun was shining. My kid has a new bike that he loves. And… he loves it partly because he gets to be like me — wheeled.

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