Diorama time!

Moomin is making his first “diorama project” for school! It’s for a book report on Max and Me and the Time Machine, about two kids who go back to vaguely inaccurate “medieval times”, meet an alchemist and some knights, and see a joust. One kid becomes a knight or squire, and the other his (talking) horse.


After about an hour and a half of painstaking following-the-directions from 123 Draw Knights, Castles, and Dragons there is a very lovely, tiny, knight on horseback all colored in and cut out!

Construction paper sky, bleachers, and grass, and a small clear plastic box colored with different colored Sharpies made the time machine.

There’s one more knight to go. Will it be faster this time? Will I be able to curb or at least mask my impatience and my desire to make the diorama myself?

Must keep reminding myself… it’s not ME who is in third grade… It is Moomin’s vision and skills here… not mine…

No matter how much I love to make tiny craft projects, this one is not for me!

I consoled myself by making a space helmet out of tinfoil, for a stuffed tiger.

While I’m more than a little annoyed that the teacher spelled “diorama” as “diarama” on the homework instructions, it’s a great opportunity to point out to Moomin how teachers can be wrong as well as how to look things up in the dictionary.

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