A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

We’re building a labyrinth out of PVC pipe for our Halloween party! The idea is to make cheap, moveable panels, covered over with plastic or paper or sheets, decorate them, and make a maze. We’ll run or wheel through the maze with Nerf guns and home made marshmallow guns, shooting each other. So far we haven’t made up the rules. Whatever the rules, I’m only going to try to structure games and have rules for a limited time and then it’ll be free for all.

As with past parties, I think half the fun will be the buildup to it as we build and decorate and paint.

The not-fun part is cleaning up in preparation for the party. Ugh!

I haven’t decided what to be for Halloween. Not Oracle for the 3rd year in a row (an easy costume as it’s a superheroine in jeans and a tshirt, in a wheelchair, with a laptop). I’m thinking about being an evil robot. Anything that uses tinfoil and means that my chair gets rocket launchers.

Moomin is going to be a lolcat. Originally this was just “black cat” but by cutting out letters from white felt we can easily transform a black cat into a lolcat.

How about you?

My all time best costume was when I was around 8 or 9 years old and I was Gandalf. Beard, wizard hat, staff, and all.

What were your favorite costumes from years past?

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