Zombie 80s prom in my closet

Over the last few weeks of taking Moomin to dance class and watching the “street jazz” girls dance around to “Thriller” I have learned that the latest fashion seems to be very, very tight shirts that go way down over your pants and have sparkly words right over your butt. Oh, we’re too modern to embroider stuff on the back pockets of our jeans! How crusty… no, instead we pull our shirts down over our butts and write “SUGARLICIOUS” in pink rhinestone and glitter.

Who am I to blame for this? Please… slow down… I only now just caught up on the whole muffin top thing. Someone stop me before I go to Hot Topic and make a fool of myself. Or worse, end up writing “POET” on my own butt in glitter paint. Better to stick to black leather pants, plaid things, and a purple mohawk, aging gracefully while remaining in my own decade.

I owe a post about the party, but first must ramble about clothes and costumes. E. came over with her sister and friend to help us set up and then was going to leave to buy her zombie 80s prom dress at a thrift store. Hello… who do you think I am? THE QUEEN OF TRASHY CLOTHES FROM THE 80s, that’s who.

Within 10 minutes I had her kitted out in red velvet prom dress from my closet, spiderweb fishnets, red and black platform boots and so on. I’m not wearing that stuff and am only saving it for posterity. Posterity seems to have arrived! Yay, someone wants my gothy, trashy, retro junk!

Will E. take my suggestion to make a batch of home-made playdough, plaster it on the part in her hair, and fill it with red karo syrup for an excellent zombie ax wound?

We’ll see…

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