Cheap Art Manifesto

Moomin reads the Why Cheap Art? Manifesto aloud. One day he noticed it taped to the wall and read it with great enthusiasm!

“PEOPLE have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH. ART IS NOT BUSINESS! It does not belong to banks & fancy investors. ART IS FOOD.

You can’t EAT it BUT it FEEDS you. ART has to be CHEAP & available to
EVERYBODY. It needs to be EVERYWHERE because it is the INSIDE of the WORLD.


ART SINGS HALLELUJA! ART IS FOR KITCHENS! ART IS LIKE GOOD BREAD! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky! ART IS CHEAP!



Pretty cool. I had just organized a reading at Modern Times Books in San Francisco called Manifesto!. Moomin and I share an enthusiasm for wild rhetoric! As he read the Why Cheap Art? Manifesto aloud I realized it’s the perfect introductory manifesto for kids!

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13 Responses to Cheap Art Manifesto

  1. Oh, that's a marvelous kid, right there.

    • lizhenry says:

      Thanks! I always like to see what unexpected things get him laughing or interested! This one was completely unexpected.

  2. Alex says:

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  4. says:

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  5. says:

    Thanks for sharing nice and great post.

  6. picaram says:

    Thank you for sharing the article. Yes art is not business.
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  7. Zaigham Khan says:

    People are thinking too long that Art could be a Privilege of the Museums & the made. Art isn't Business! It doesn't belong to banks & fancy investors. Art is food insurance brokerage firms Pakistan.

  8. Lovely post and Thank you so much for sharing these amazing clicks and I appreciate your work and try to keep it up.

  9. click says:

    Art should be available to everyone. It's not just for the rich. So if you feel like putting arts in your kitchen, go ahead and grab that canvass of yours.

  10. Allenwood says:

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