A proper education includes Weird Al

Speaking of education, every child should learn about Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic. We spent the morning watching Beat It, then the parody Eat It, and then Michael Jackson’s “Bad“, which was great because Moomin finally realized that a particular comic of What’s Michael, a Japanese comic book about a cat, was funny… because it was a bunch of cats doing the dance routine from “Bad”.

Then they watched something by Bob Dylan. Rook explained the concept of palindromes, and they enjoyed “Bob”, a song by Weird Al, where the lyrics are all palindromes.

Now that’s how to make education fun! We have learned about palindromes, practiced reading forwards and backwards, grasped the important literary concept of parody, admired some fine 80s fashion and dance moves (this counts as history and art, right?), and done searches on YouTube and Wikipedia. We’ve also fallen over laughing and bounced around on the bed while trying out some silly dance moves. Not bad for a slow Saturday morning!

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