A proud moment of independent action

A proud moment
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Yesterday Moomin came into my office standing very tall. “Guess what Mom. I poured my own juice, all by myself. And I put away the straws.” From my dreamy kid, this was really amazing.

– It occurred to him that he was thirsty
– He opened the fridge by himself and got out the huge juice container
– He moved a chair to climb up to the counter to reach a cup
– He noticed I had bought new straws (!)
– And opened the box of straws, and put them in the place where I keep straws!

All of that is very unusual for him. I know that might be normal for other 6 year old kids, but for him, head in the clouds, and a little bit timid about attempting new things, it’s like he stole my car keys and went joyriding at midnight.

He still can’t do things like “open a package of M & Ms” even when I tell him to imagine he is starving on a desert island and must open it himself to survive. The package drools limply from his hands, so I always end up tearing it for him. And I’ve been trying to coach him in “how to open the fridge” for the last few years. He’s still barely strong enough. He has to hang on for dear life with both hands and fling his entire body backwards several times before the door will pop open.

I was so proud! Clearly, opening the box of straws, and thinking of putting them away, made him feel like a hero.

Suddenly I looked at him and could imagine the boy of 6 or 7 years from now, who will be getting as tall as I am, or who will tower over me as he makes himself a sandwich. Heck, why not go all out and imagine him making a sandwich for me too. It could happen!

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