U-turn with care

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After months of incredibly hard work, money spent, and freaked-out community meetings & conversations and special school board meetings, people talking about selling their houses and moving, *teachers* talking about doing that because they hated the Plan so much; after all that, the state has suddenly announced they recalculated the test scores and percentages and found an error. Our district isn’t in PI status after all. We met the requirement exactly: 24.4 % of English language learners passed the test.

I could only react with bitter laughter. I’m guessing that most schools will stick with the plan. Ours was writing a modified plan, and it sounds like we’ll stick with the extra English teaching part of it, so 1 hour per day at least. I was persuaded of the virtues of this plan and of all the training for teachers, in short, I was talked around. So now I’m upset it’s not happening. What WILL happen? I’m hoping that all the talk about it will have positive results. What happens to the training and to the teams of teachers visiting each others’ classrooms and all the other positive things? Do we get to keep those, or does the funding for it go away?

Does the state pay for the PI things that already happened or is our district now completely screwed – even more?

Six months and more of planning and hard work by the people in the district – and the crazy meetings. Now what?

I hope they don’t burn out and that whatever positive momentum was achieved keeps on rolling.

Incoherent. Freaked out. Mind-boggled.

California’s Board of Education has just flunked its “ability to calculate percentages” test.

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