And there was much rejoicing!

Oh! You have no idea! All the moms were jumping around and so excited and happy! One woman confessed that when she heard, she cried with joy. We babbled our relief and hope!

They fired the sorry, weaselly, incompetent, slackity-ass excuse for a principal!

Or, well, pulled him to work on “special projects”. Ha! “Like, maybe, taking out the trash,” said one mom. “No, I think they just did that.” Oooo, burn.

Really, I was trying so hard to remember all my best diplomacy, because I thought we were stuck with the guy and so I would have to work with him or end-run him. And don’t think it wasn’t a little scary to be doing that, because the waves of hostility rolled off him… Like the pointy-haired boss in Dilbert, but meaner and stupider.

Happy!!!! I don’t know the new one, but she can’t possibly be worse that that dude!

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