The talky guy behind Pelosi

So, in this video of
Pelosi’s speech, who the hell is that smirky dude behind her, the guy who keeps fidgeting and talking? You’d think someone would have taught him to behave better and show a little respect.

I mean, she just TOLD OFF THE PRESIDENT on television and some dude from her own political party can’t keep his mouth shut when he’s 2 inches from her ear? Did no one ever bust this guy for passing notes in class? I am so giving him detention for being rude. Even though I’m a chronically fidgety, interrupty, talky person, I could keep my mouth shut while on camera during someone else’s speech.

Who’s he talking to and what’s he saying? Any lip readers out there?

Or suggestions for what might be so very urgent that he needed to talk about, right then? Wait a minute, did he keep rubbing his nose?

Tweakers in the Senate… of course! That’s IT!

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3 Responses to The talky guy behind Pelosi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi–I think that is Charles Schumer, from NY…he is just sooooo excited!!! (Okay, well, so am I!!!)I love reading your blog. 🙂

  2. badgermama says:

    Okay, okay, maybe he was just excited! I am too!!!8-)

  3. julia says:

    Ok, the true is that she is there right now….and we think down here that this will be good.