Are we there yet?

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Well, they’re out the door! All morning, and last night, I was packing and thinking of last-minute things for Moomin to take on the trip. By 9:30 am I was really, really ready for them to leave so that I could work. I’d work for 5 minutes and then Moomin would come in to play light sabers, or ask me to help him draw something.

Hello… I NEED TO WORK… but unfortunately so did Rook, who had some kind of programming emergency and a flood of work emails.

I will miss them horribly and yet I found myself wishing they would leave! I was not so subtle. “Do you need to me to HELP YOU PACK?” I kept asking Rook. “Maybe you should GET READY TO GO NOW…” and I pried him off the computer. “I packed you some extra food, for the TRIP… which you’re GOING on. “

Then finally I was like “I need to work! Leave already! OMG!”

Kisses all around. Mild chagrin. I’ll miss them, but actually it will be way more relaxing for me to drive up to the mountains by myself… alone… beautifully alone… in my tiny little truck. Highway 180 looks very promising and I noticed a small town named “Badger” which is a good omen. My plan is to work like crazy and then leave on Saturday morning very early.

I love to be completely ready to go on a trip the night before, and then to wake up and leave the house within 15 minutes, with no fussing or dawdling.

That’s how it’s going to be! Oh the glory of it!

Then I’ll get there and will be with the noisy herd of in-laws. Five children under 7, one still in diapers. I’ve had some really heinous vacations with that crew, as they are ambitious travellers. The worst would either be the ski week (I don’t ski) where we were all crammed into a very tiny house with no amenities and one bathroom… or the blizzard in January 2003 where we were trapped in the attic with only ramen noodles, cold bulgogi, and crackers for three days. This time it sounds like (keep your fingers crossed for me) a fairly luxurious resort. The web site said “jacuzzis in bedrooms” and “internet connection” and “in the heart of the national park”. Moomin loves playing with his cousins and it will be nice for everyone to be together. It’s all to celebrate Rook’s mom’s 70th birthday! Instead of the koh cui, the traditional Korean 70th, we’re going to a beautiful park. Knowing his dad we will probably also be encouraged to bow and do something formal at dinner one night.

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