Batman vs. Batman vs. bowl of rice

rice is nice
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The old Batman action figure, who broke long ago and whose knee is secured by a tiny screw, to the new Batman action figure:

I’m from the future, and I’m really you, and, my leg is a robot leg, and my machines are going to take over Gotham City.

Future robotic evil machine-loving Batman then duked it out with his alter ego.

I played along with this – I was the Crazy Cat Lady and her War Kittens – and then got up to fix Moomin some dinner. Came back and made the cyber-batman say “Hey, I smell rice!” New Batman was like “No way, get away from MY rice.” “No, rice is my favorite!” “Hey, me too. Maybe we ARE the same guy!” “That’s what I said, I’m from your future! I Am You!

Then real-Moomin stepped in to tell them both, “Get away from my rice! I’m stuffing you both under this pillow and squashing you together with the Crazy Cat Lady until I’m done eating!”

It’s so great to see him with an appetite!

The laughing is nice too. I keep saying “butt” to make him laugh!

Instead of sleeping while he slept, I weeded the garden with my mom and went to lunch with Debbie… and then hung out with Mammamer & Bri and their kid in the sandbox, Bri being very funny with the “sand alligator whose weakness is…. SAND!”

Company! Rook and I barely saw each other this last week, and I had no adults to talk with. It was great to see people who weren’t wearing scrubs!

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5 Responses to Batman vs. Batman vs. bowl of rice

  1. Meredith says:

    I'm psyched that the Batman themed present were the way to go for Moomin! Bri and I had quite the dilemna in the Target over what he would like before deciding on it. It was good to see you and your mom and I am so happy he is doing so well!

  2. kokopelliwoman says:

    Well done, all of you! Incredible parenting, Liz. Yes, so scary, and you both did all the right things, and are much the wiser. And dealing with the hospital personnel–they are good, but not always knowing what they, or the right or left hand is doing, so imperative to take names and notes. And when your kid is concerned, listening to your own gut instinct is always the way through the forest. Mine kiddo had a sledding accident, and against the evil m.i.l. and daddy saying she was "a big girl, not really hurt," my 8 year old's earnest "Mom, it really hurts," and trying to be brave was what informed my primal instincts so that I overrode both the evil entities for the first time in my life and headed for the emergency room. Diagnosis? Broken arm. Yes, always listen to your innser voice. Y'all done good!

  3. bri says:

    Even more awesome that Batman has an alter-ego (on top of Bruce Wayne's Batman alter ego, natch) to fight with.Over rice, which is probably what vigilantes should be fighting over in the first place. With crazy cat ladies, of course.The sand alligator, and the Great Caped Crusader Rice Fight, gave me more ideas:1) an arachnophobic Spider-Man2) Wolverine fights Grocery-Man over whether his coupons are expired (and loses, of course)3) Superman sorts his capes from the dryer4) Wonder Woman gives up crimefighting and goes to an open poetry mic (oh, wait, that's a real comic: <a href="… />Hope your little crimefighting ninja is further on the mend…

  4. Mocha says:

    I'd LOVE for you to join in the BlogMe interviews! Would you consider it?Come see me for more details and today's interview.

  5. Liz Henry says:

    Hi Mocha! Of course I will… I just got email from Chadie, too, and linked up to her blogs.