Meeting new BlogHers: Chadie from Workers Dojo, Sweden

Chadie of Workers Dojo is
coming to BlogHer all the way from Sweden, where she’s helping to organize a Scandinavian BlogHer conference. She writes about trade unions, martial arts, working class life, art, literature, and life as a mom of teenagers. I noticed that she blogs about some subjects in English, some in Swedish, and some in both languages. She also has a photoblog – with birds in the snow, snowmen, famous people, cats, graffiti… cows in the snow… You get the idea, I can’t stop looking at all those pictures of snow! It’s like an alien planet.

A few months ago on her blog, Chadie posted the idea of having a Swedish BlogHer meeting, and got an overwhelming response from other Scandinavian women bloggers. Like magic, a conference is born…

And we have a lot of ideas about what to put on the schedule, about writers who blogs, about how to handle Troll on the net and disgusting comments, a workshop for newbies and a workshop about podcasting and a workshop for videoblogging.

We have of course already started an email-discussion-list for all involved organisers.

That’s so amazing! I find on reading Chadie’s blogs that we have a similar approach to seeing beauty in ordinary daily life. I admire her activism – her job is working in web communications for the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

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