Meeting new BlogHers: Chadie from Workers Dojo, Sweden

Chadie of Workers Dojo is
coming to BlogHer all the way from Sweden, where she’s helping to organize a Scandinavian BlogHer conference. She writes about trade unions, martial arts, working class life, art, literature, and life as a mom of teenagers. I noticed that she blogs about some subjects in English, some in Swedish, and some in both languages. She also has a photoblog – with birds in the snow, snowmen, famous people, cats, graffiti… cows in the snow… You get the idea, I can’t stop looking at all those pictures of snow! It’s like an alien planet.

A few months ago on her blog, Chadie posted the idea of having a Swedish BlogHer meeting, and got an overwhelming response from other Scandinavian women bloggers. Like magic, a conference is born…

And we have a lot of ideas about what to put on the schedule, about writers who blogs, about how to handle Troll on the net and disgusting comments, a workshop for newbies and a workshop about podcasting and a workshop for videoblogging.

We have of course already started an email-discussion-list for all involved organisers.

That’s so amazing! I find on reading Chadie’s blogs that we have a similar approach to seeing beauty in ordinary daily life. I admire her activism – her job is working in web communications for the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

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3 Responses to Meeting new BlogHers: Chadie from Workers Dojo, Sweden

  1. squid says:

    Have you read Stillgoe's Magic Lies Outside? All about being superaware of our everyday landscape. Maybe redundant for you.

  2. Mocha says:

    I'm loving that you stalked Chadie! Wonderful. Again, (I've been saying this ALL morning) it's wonderful to read of people I never would have even heard of before, unless we start shouting to the world that we are HERE. So glad you shouted about Chadie. She sounds incredible. Much like you. I'm off to read about YOU now. 😉

  3. kenny ong says:

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