Being dragons together!

At the game con last weekend I played D&D and ran around with Moomin and some other kids, friends of the family and so on. The night before we played Carcassone and had some great conversations about Python, web page construction, hacking, and password cracking. If your kids have been hanging out at my house, you might want to level up on your password strength, which is a good idea anyway, of course!

Now, this might look to you like some kids sitting around a table in a slightly squalid crowded hotel room with the bed mattress tipped up against the wall:

council of wyrms

But it isn’t. Actually it’s a Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Topaz, Brass, and Copper dragon considering what to do next in the drama in Io’s Blood islands as the Council of Wyrms debates what to do about Vermithrax’s mysterious disappearance!!

We had a fantastic game. During the first half, we gossiped at the Council Aerie, took off flying over the sea, and split up into groups to hunt and fish. Some of the dragons took on a wild aurochs and then butchered it to carry it back to camp. Me and the Sapphire Dragon tried to kill a giant narwhal which dragged us underwater and was too big to carry. We ended up with a hundred-pound tuna fish. It was like the practice run of working together and using our combat skills and was completely hilarious! The cleverer dragon in our group went to town and came back with a map to the lair.

At Vermithrax’s lair we did a more or less standard dungeon crawl inside a cavern full of brass machinery, glass and silver pipes, and dripping water. We were then sucked through a magic portal into another universe, a sort of mirror universe, to fight horrible swarms of metallic elemental robot crab-spider things.

Thanks Pacificon and thanks to our very patient GM, Tricia, whose storytelling and cat-herding skills created such a great adventure for us all.

The 2nd and 3rd days of the con, Moomin played in a Spy Kids game that involved spaceships somehow, Eliz and Jak played a story about a “very minor mage” where they were naughty elemental beings helping the young mage, and then Eliz, Jules, Jak, and Moomin played in a 12-person medieval fantasy larp (run by Rook).

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