Plants vs. Zombies cake

Moomin has been playing Plants Vs. Zombies this summer and will explain all the levels and what powers the plants have to anyone who will listen. This last weekend a friend of mine made a Plants vs. Zombies cake!

Plants vs. Zombies cake

Plants vs. Zombies is a great strategy game that starts out simple, so that even a very young child can play it. In fact, it’s a game that trains you how to play it as you play, without any awkward tutorials. It’s playable for kids who can’t read yet, but it has subtle enough strategy to be interesting for gamer nerd adults like me. I’ve played it on the iPad and iPod and Moomin’s played on the desktop and iPad versions. The iPod one is very good, though the game board is so small.

Plants vs. Zombies battle scene

The basic premise is that zombies are coming across your lawn to get in your house and eat your brains. Using sunlight that falls from the sky or is generated from sunflowers, you plant seeds in your lawn. The resulting plants fight the zombies!

Moomin and I imagined it would be great to have a costume party for Plants vs. Zombies. The people at the party would re-enact a battle. We could do a reenactment like his pirate cannonball party, where we threw painted ping-pong balls at each other. For a Plants vs. Zombies party, we’d need a few gross of ping pong balls painted green for the pea-shooter peas so useful for zombie destruction. It would be easy to dress in zombie costumes, with torn clothes and props from the game – there is a zombie with a traffic cone on its head, one with a bucket, and one with a screen door shield. Food for the party could be peas, corn on the cob, walnuts, potatoes, salad, and other things related to the game!

You can see that the Plants vs. Zombies cake is just perfect. The plants and zombies are made of painted marzipan. It was chocolate cake to represent the dirt, green frosting that looks like it was squeezed out of a pastry bag with holes in it to make the grass, blue frosting for the pool, and of course the marzipan figures. A few coffee beans are scattered on top. White chocolate squares are the tiled patio of the backyard.

Moomin was so excited by this cake he could hardly eat it. Our teenaged neighbors, who are total Plants vs. Zombies addicts, also thought it was amazing. Moomin had the great idea that cotton candy could be added on the far right side on the cake to represent the fog levels of the game!

Plants vs. Zombies cake

I would not really be able to pull off this cake. I’m too much of a slob. My magnum opus is the dinosaurs coming out of a volcano cake, because for this, it doesn’t matter if your cake is all cracked and crumbling and half falling apart, you just make a sheet cake and a smaller round cake, stick them together, slather on a lot of green and chocolate frosting for the volcano, red frosting for the lava, stick plastic dinosaurs on top and you’re done.

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