Best Mashups for Kids

I love great mashups but a bunch of them are really sweary or sexist so I skip over them in the car if kids are around, less because I’m uptight about it and more because they would find it embarrassing. Here’s my list of awesome mashups that kids will like, appropriate for any age. If you like this list, you might also like my Best New Wave Songs for Kids and Best Punk Rock Songs for Kids!

These mashups are even better if you play some of the original songs first for your kids so they understand some of the creativity that goes into a mashup! Watch the original videos, then the mashup music videos. And you can stay on top of some of the best mashups by checking the Bootie site every month.

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I Want You D.A.N.C.E. (Justice vs. Jackson 5) – ComaR – Best of Bootie 2008. Cheerful and upbeat! (YouTube)

Galvanize the EmpireParty Ben. Dramatic Star Wars music mixed with dance beat and rap. Mild swear words but not that anyone will notice.

We Will Ska You – bittersoundfoundation. Kids like “We Will Rock You” but for me… after 30 years … it gets really tedious. This speeded up ska version makes it more than bearable. It’s amazing!

Harder Better Faster Stronger / Lava Lava – Daft Punk vs. Boys Noize – This is good for kids who like to dance like robots or superheroes. (Download)

Tequila Lip Gloss (Lil Mama vs. The Champs) – DJ Paul V. – Best of Bootie 2007. This video mashup is beautifully done with Lil Mama dancing in a high school cut with the “Tequila” scene of Pee Wee Herman dancing in a biker bar. (YouTube)

Pretty Rudy – Go Home Productions . A great mashup of The Specials “Message to Rudy” and TLC. (YouTube)

Tricky Sandman – Run D.M.C. vs. Metallica – DJ MIF – Best of Bootie 2006. This is good for rocking out, headbanging, or jumping around. If your kids like metal, go for Tricky Sandman! Not the most feminist lyrics out there but not obviously overtly horrible either.

Walkin’ Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil) – DJ Lobsterdust. Unk’s original song has some objectionable words, but this version is clean! I love the point where Hey Mickey is strongly mixed in in the last half.

Girls on Film Freak Out – DJ Magnet. Chic vs. Duran Duran This is a great music video mashup! (YouTube)

Hung Up On Soul (Death Cab For Cutie vs. Madonna). (YouTube)

Dance Dreams (Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics) – Divide & Kreate

There are a zillion more great mashups! This is a good list of mashups that don’t instantly blast your ears with cuss words so you can play them in the car in front of your kids without embarrassing anyone. They’re also educational and a great way to teach kids about creativity, music, art, DIY, bricolage, and the joys of downloading and information sharing. Enjoy!

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