body not totally up to speed

Well speaking of how easy it is to break myself… I just screwed up my right arm and hand by spraypainting a bazillion cereal boxes for the godzilla city-stomping… an hour ago i couldn’t type! holy shit! i’m so breakable. grip strength and control over my hand just kind of disappeared! witihout my noticing anything was wrong except “hand a little sore, switch hands a lot” while holding down the button on the spray can

the hardware store guy carded me when i bought the spray paint this morning… HA!

did 14 bazillion errands, drooped off Moomin, picked up Moomin, painted, put stuff away, badass mamas coffee with jp, ep, squid, and mary t. then watched Leelo for maybe 20 min. He was cuddly and then running and spazzy and then cuddly and squeezy again. he greeted me by name… i couldn’t understand anything else he said to me though. it was nice to see him happy and peaceful.

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