chess and feathers

chess on market street
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

Dear Dad,

We just read a book about science called “What Happens If…” and it has
some experiments that look kind of fun and sometime I want to do some of
those sciences. Also, we went to a march and we got in it. And in that other country we had lots of fun. We played chess but when the march started
we had to pause our game. Also, we got to get an ice cream sandwich from
the ice cream man. And we went to the playground, and also we saw the statue of Simon Bolivar. Also, the march was pretty loud alright, anyway, but I
didn’t even have to cover my ears.

Anyway, some guys wearing some
feathers also danced. One guy with big tall feathers played the drums. It
looked kind of fun but still I didn’t really want to do it.

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