Dancing in the streets

Watching the parade assemble on the side street by the train tracks was like hearing an orchestra tune up. For two hours in the almost-freezing cold! The marching band, some girl scouts, a jazz dancing troupe, a nursery school, and I think some local politicians in fancy cars were in front of us. Behind, a complete marching nativity scene with incredible costumes, live animals, and palm trees.

Moomin danced with his hip hop group, Community Street Jam, to what I think is a mashup with “Whoomp There It Is” mixed in.

CSJ at the parade

They performed at three intersections downtown. I was in the wake, doing wheelies and hanging out with Squid’s oldest daughter.

Moomin was so exuberant and joyful! All the kids were! I was so proud.

We also had a giant shiny red pickup truck with a sound system and a santa-claus grandma in the back:

Community Street Jam

The town’s 4th of July parade is extremely popular. They came up with the idea for a December parade to encourage people to come downtown to shop. It seems to be a success, as the parade combines with a street fair and fireworks for an all day event.

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