Drop DOPA!

Drop DOPA!
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Hey my fellow mommybloggers. We need to fight DOPA. I should have been saying this long before, but it’s panic time.

This bill would ban most of the interesting parts of the Internet in schools and libraries. Myspace, blogging of any sort, message boards, IM, anything with a social network component, anything that lets people communicate… all banned. (Which is not only a horrible idea but it adds a big burden onto the schools themselves.)

The next step is to contact senators who are on the Senate Commerce Committee. For California, that’s Barbara Boxer.

I’ll write more on this in a little while, but please at least read the wikipedia entry about DOPA.

Do we want the death of the public net, and of so many possibilities in education, to be blamed on paranoid, socially conservative suburban moms? No… we don’t… So we better get off our butts.

And someone should make a new anti-dopa poster with a scolding soccer mom holding a latte, instead of Uncle Sam.

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