When your mom takes you to a conference

barcamp stanford
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

Moomin, bored, at BarCamp Stanford, really didn’t care about social networks, attention streams, user generated content, influence brokers, Drupal, online community building, or any of that stuff.

He played listlessly with his Transformer car and a Bionicles robot named “Poison Ray” until he met another kid, a nerdy 10 year old who gave him the nerve to run up and down the stairs, exploring. They played hide and seek so well that we kept losing them!

My notes from BarCamp are over here at Composite if you’re curious about the slightly … only slightly… more grownup stuff. I believe at some point I invented the Universe.

Actually tonight while Moomin was being especially funny in the bathtub with his godzilla monsters and space starfish, I came up with a brilliant invention, possibly sparked by the idea soup of BarCamp. A bathtub made of soap! Just a humonguous person-sized block of soap carved into a bathtub shape! Then you wouldn’t have to have bars of soap, which inconveniently fall into the tub and get lost. Moomin did not see any problems with my Invention, and I didn’t enlighten him… with him as my barometer of human common sense, maybe I can get some venture capital.

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