Breakdancing at Bedtime

Tonight Moomin scolded me because I didn’t put him to bed early enough. It went like this.

Moomin: MooooOOOOOM!!! Isn’t it awfully close to my BEDTIME? Shouldn’t you be putting me to bed?

Me: But wait, you totally have to watch this one awesome bhangra video.

Moomin: No! I don’t THINK so. *hands on hips* I really think I should be putting on my pajamas now. It’s EIGHT TWENTY FIVE.

Me: Okay fine honey, put on your pajamas. That’s great. You know, 8:30 has always been a rough guideline for your bedtime, not an absolute must-be-in-bed-by-that-moment thing.

Moomin: But I have choir practice tomorrow, so I really should get an early night.

Me: Right. Pajamas, then come watch this video with me.

Moomin: *putting on pajamas* No, I have to brush my teeth first!


Moomin: What?! Breakdancing?!

Me: Yes. Brush your teeth. Then video. Then I’ll read whatever you like.

(WE ROCK OUT…. Moomin tries the dance moves)

In our current book, Black Beauty, we read the chapter where Lady Anne is thrown from her horse. “Would you like me to read one more chapter? “Well… no… I should try to go to sleep. “

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