Getting dressed in the morning

off to school
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We used to have difficulties getting ready in the morning, but then Rook began racing with Moomin to see who could get dressed fastest. The joke is that Rook acts double-fakey-sneaky, and tells him to relax and play and read some comic books. “Oh Moomin! Don’t get dressed! I’m sure it’s not time for school yet! You can just daydream for a long time, all you want! I’m not getting ready yet!” All in an obvious lying voice.

Moomin has now caught on that not all teasing is bad. Every morning he lights up and yells, “Aha! You’re trying to trick me! ” while he slams on his clothes, boasting and taunting…

It’s much much nicer than coming in the room every 5 minutes to yell “Put that comic book down!”

Thanks Rook, for your awesome mad parenting skillz!

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