Happy Blog Against Heteronormativity Day!

Nubian, at Blackademic, has declared that it’s “Blog Against Heteronormativity Day.”

What can I say… I’m not very heteronormative, no one around me seems to mind, and I’m super happy! People tend to assume I’m a lesbian, and then they find out I have a husband and it blows their mind a little. Then they may or may not find out that my life is more complicated. I’m a little bit butchy, Rook is a little bit femmy, and my girlfriend is definitely femmy. Moomin is too young to have any sort of normative anything.

Honestly it’s not all that big of a deal. People make assumptions all the time and then find out they’re wrong. Sometimes it worries me and sometimes it doesn’t at all. It certainly helps to live in California and in the Bay Area, where it’s pretty normal not to be heteronormative and (almost) no one’s going to lynch you for it.

There’s moments when I feel guilty for the times that I pass as straight…but sometimes I do.

That’s it, I think!

Oh, that’s not it. (Of course.) I think sometimes my close friends might be the ones who get the blowback. What I mean is: other people assume my friends are also non-heteronormative, i.e. queer as hell, because they hang out with me. So whatever risk there is to take in being that way, they sign up to take it too, in a way, just by hanging out. I think that should have some acknowledgement and thanks.

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