a peaceful morning

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Moomin and Hamster woke up at 7:30, a fairly civilized hour. I was already just waking up and thinking of my thesis and of several other things-to-do and things done that I shouldn’t have, as if my conscience wakes up first, has its coffee, and is all hyperactive before the rest of me even has a chance to pee.

I shone with virtue this morning as I was sitting at the table drinking coffee and waiting for waffles to toast for the kids & heard the Nutmeg (aka Peanut, but I hereby rename her to a cooler nickname.) She was wandering around calling for her mom. Who was probably in bed with the pillow over her head, cussing and praying for 15 minutes more of dozing coziness. So I babynapped the Nutmeg, promising her waffles and grapes.

Under Hamster’s good influence, Moomin is playing with the Nutmeg! Hamster is unbelievably sweet to her. Well, Moomin softened too when I told him, “you know all those times you wake up early and Mommy and Daddy are REALLY GRUMPY and yell at you to go back to sleep, because they stay in bed? I think Nutmeg woke up too early.” After that he let her play with his mechanical godzilla.

So that is a nice thing about being neighbors and co-housing-mates – we can be really neighborly at random times. I get a small dose of “cute baby” without the negative parts and can be a kind auntie.

Nutmeg is talking quite a lot for a just-2-year-old. At maximal cuteness of bad grammar and babbling. “A dinosaur push a button and a walk onna floor. A dinosaur button no work. No working! A dinosaur fix a dinosaur. Put a battery inna dinosaur.” Smart! She knows about batteries. I changed the batteries & then she’d arrange the godzilla in front of her, push the button, and hide in fear of its roar and flashing red eyes.

She has eaten quite a lot of grapes this morning. Moomin and Hamster come in and ask for popsicles about every 15 minutes and I say no. I’m having a very low key relaxing morning!!!

I confess that babies gross me out fundamentally and always have. You know.. you’re talking to someone, and then they poop their pants and don’t care. It takes a little bit of the joy out of social interaction. It’s a good thing they’re so cute!

Next week, when Rook is gone to his gaming conference, I’ll wring some payback out of my housemates and get a few extra hours to work on my thesis! Or I’ll slip out to go to this super cool reading on Tuesday night, maybe.

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