Hello, Woolfcamp 2!

Okay! We’re having the 2nd WoolfCamp at my house in RWC. It’s not super beautiful like Grace’s house, but it’s homey, comfortable, and there’s a lot of books, & wireless.

This coming Sunday, the day after BlogHer. For months now all time has been measured by “When BlogHer Is”. We figured we’d get some out of town people & we could sort of debrief or continue the giant bloggity multiple orgasm that is BlogHer, because… why stop?

Basically it’s a bunch of us having an all day blogging Thing, unconference style, strongly womancentric/feminist but not women only. The focus is on blogging as creativity. Massively touchy-feely. More intense than a meetup – we will brainstorm ideas for discussions to have and then make a schedule for the day and split into different groups. Lots of down time, probably a bunch of kids underfoot, food & wine, toenail-painting, disco dancing in between the discussions, demos, or workshops.

Come on over to the wiki and sign up if you want to come – not necessary to be part of any clique or part of BlogHer – half the people won’t know each other – queer/trans friendly – kid-friendly – newbie-friendly – etc. Do not fear the wiki – the wiki is your friend. Or… if you do fear the wiki, email me at:

lizzard — at — bookmaniac.net

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