spontaneous homage to Art, celery, and undies

homage to art frahm
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

As I was walking out of Whole Foods with two big bags of groceries I realized that a huge bunch of celery was sticking out of the top, and like magic, the lightbulb of Unwisdom went off over my head.

Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if I posed like one of those Art Frahm pinup paintings, with my underwear around my ankles! No, no, it’s too much to ask a stranger to do in the parking lot of the grocery store. I’ll wait till I get home and then I’ll ask the Pilot to take a photo of it, because I’m really wearing the perfect outfit for it, though really a pointy-bra-ed a-line house dress would be better, but, the CELERY… But no, I couldn’t possibly…

When who should walk around the corner of the building but the Pilot! I explained. She would not let it drop. “No, no, clearly you have to do it. Have to. Here, stand over here in the sun…” Just off camera there is a guy getting into his minivan with his eyes popping out, which is also a traditional element of the Art Frahm grocery/celery/panty girl. She’s trapped by having to clutch that over-full bag of groceries, the celery works its magic, her skirt maybe flares up a bit in the breeze, there’s a guy in a uniform and a happy smile, and her underwear just falls down around her ankles. Actually, you can’t even dignify them with the name of “underwear”… they’re clearly “panties”.

Fellow mommybloggers, I leave you with this inspirational photo of extreme unwisdom and irreverence. Bwahahahah! I am the silliest!

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