How to eat bugs

Yesterday I promised Eliz. that I’d lend her some pocket field guides for her school camping trip, and then I forgot to drop them off. So I just hauled ass to her school, after dropping off Moomin at his. An enormous throng of children and pre-teens milled about excitedly in puffy coats, their unnerved parents pitching backpacks into a moving van, all wild-eyed. Found Eliz. with her homies and gave her the books, which they pawed over.

“When you have to eat worms and bugs, dry them first in the sun. Then grind them up on a rock, mix with water, and fry them on a hot rock, like pancakes,” I informed them.

“How do you KNOW this?” asked Jak.

“I just do.”

Here’s hoping they have a blast, and that they identify all possible trees, berries, birds, specimens of intertidal life, etc. with my amazing pocket guides. There’s a small book on uses of native plants, explaining how to make dye, leach acorns, construct perpetual motion machines, and make gold from lead — so anything could happen.

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