Silly frivolous beautiful things

The Amazon reviews for this jug of milk really made my day. There’s a long story about “GranGran” and how ordering milk over the Internet made her final days easier, and it had me laughing hysterically while also pleased as hell about something so weird and complicated and pointless being written in such an unlikely place.

Meanwhile I am pleased to see that Moomin remembers all about Fibonacci numbers!

I just watched him do his homework and he answered all the word problems by figuring them out in his head first and writing them backwards from the bottom on up. (13 __ 29 – 42; hooray for New Math?) He’s squirming and singing to himself in a whisper and then in the middle of all that, stands up in his chair and does breakdancing moves.

His new “street name” (this, from watching breakdancing movies) is “Arachnid” because his feet move so fast that it looks like he has 8 legs.

I lost my temper today on a mailing list and pissed people off, I think partly because I sounded pissed off and self-righteous, but partly because the worst sin of white people seems to be to say the words “white people”. So besides the weird things people are saying to me (white people saying stuff that would make you scream with rage) I am getting it with the flaming emails. And tonight is the Big Meeting where I will stand up and probably say that I changed my mind and think the district’s efforts will be helpful if we all can pull together. I have to try to calm down by then.

The whole idea of the meeting makes my stomach hurt. I’m baking bread to calm down, but if you have anything very, very, very, very silly, please send it my way in the comments because I need to cheer up and enjoy the glorious silly beauty of the world! Silliness makes everything way better! Silliness heals!

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