Huge marble drop construction project

After my day of extreme scandalous naughtiness and gallivanting, I’m spending today helping Moomin and his friend Iz make a floor to ceiling marble drop. It’s sort of like the game “Mousetrap” – they want to drop a marble at the top and have it go through obstacles. At the bottom it will either land in a cup of water or in a toy car.

Cardboard tubes from rolls of wrapping paper are duct taped to my ceiling. Iz, who is 7, made me laugh by envisioning more and more grandiose ends to our project:

1) We should take photos of the project in all phases of construction and email them to her and Moomin’s school principals so that maybe they would get mentioned in the school newsletter

2) We could send those same photos and interesting facts about marble drop projects to the real newspaper and try to get them to write an article, so we can be in the paper

3) We could start a company that would go around and teach kids about marble drops and how to make them and about Science.

4) Our company would be too big for us to handle, so we’d make a marble drop kit which we’d sell on a web site, and other people could use it to teach kids about science.

Someone give this kid a Web 2.0 marketing job, okay?

Update: Of course you realize I ended up doing most of the work, for no pay – only a promise of stock which will be super valuable when the company goes public.

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